Flight To Paris

flight to paris

  • a formation of aircraft in flight

  • shoot a bird in flight

  • an instance of traveling by air; "flying was still an exciting adventure for him"

  • (in soccer, cricket, etc.) Deliver (a ball) with well-judged trajectory and pace

  • Shoot (wildfowl) in flight

  • the capital and largest city of France; and international center of culture and commerce

  • sometimes placed in subfamily Trilliaceae

  • (Greek mythology) the prince of Troy who abducted Helen from her husband Menelaus and provoked the Trojan War

  • A commercial city in northeastern Texas; pop. 24,699

  • The capital of France, on the Seine River; pop. 2,175,000. Paris was held by the Romans, who called it Lutetia, and by the Franks, and was established as the capital in 987 under Hugh Capet. It was organized into three parts—the Ile de la Cite (an island in the Seine), the Right Bank, and the Left Bank—during the reign of Philippe-Auguste 1180–1223. The city's neoclassical architecture dates from the modernization of the Napoleonic era, which continued under Napoleon III, when the bridges and boulevards of the modern city were built

flight to paris - Spirit and

Spirit and Creator: The Mysterious Man Behind Lindbergh's Flight to Paris

Spirit and Creator: The Mysterious Man Behind Lindbergh's Flight to Paris

Within the cracked and weathered exterior of an old steamer trunk, a family secret was waiting to be discovered. In 1999 Nova Hall, grandson of Donald A. Hall, uncovered a locked World War I era steamer trunk in his family’s garage. Found inside was a collection of over 100 never-before-seen photographs, personal correspondence with Charles A. Lindbergh, original documents, design instruments, models, and film footage. Because of these "treasures" archived by Donald A. Hall, we discover the mysterious man behind Lindbergh’s historic trans-Atlantic flight to Paris. This book is a visually inspiring story of their teamwork and triumph.
Spirit and Creator brings to life, the previously unknown collection of secrets surrounding the creation of this famous airplane. The over-sized horizontal format includes more than one hundred unpublished photographs, personal correspondence with Charles A. Lindbergh, original documents, design instruments, models, and film footage excerpts. Aviation books have focused on the trans-Atlantic flight, but rarely describe the bigger story that is equally as remarkable. Spirit and Creator fills this historical gap. The Spirit of St. Louis was built in San Diego in only sixty-days, a feat that is impossible to recreate today without modern technology.

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I love Paris YIP 42.365

I love Paris YIP 42.365

Every time I look down on this timeless town
Whether blue or grey be her skies
Whether loud be her cheers or soft be her tears
More and more do I realize:

I love Paris in the springtime
I love Paris in the fall
I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles
I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles

I love Paris every moment
Every moment of the year
I love Paris, why, oh why do I love Paris?
Because my love is near

So I cheated with this pic, since I couldn't get to the costume shop to get spirit gum to do my eyebrows a la Edith, but this is just a small part of my Paris collection, and just a fragment of my Paris obsession. I have no words for my enchantment with the city, except to say that I found parts of myself there that I had hoped always existed. I will return.

My fave movies about Paris are Before Sunset (I bawl the last 20 minutes of the movie), 2 Days in Paris (and yes, I guess I love Julie Delpy like crazy) and of course, Amelie. They feel like real Paris. And are a little cheaper than an inter-continental flight.

Flight to Europe

Flight to Europe

Kona to LA: 6 hours (4 hour layover)
LA to Boston: 6 hours (4 hour layover)
Boston to Munich: 6 hours (4 hour layover)
Munich to Rome: 1.5 hours

about 30 hours of travel.

flight to paris

flight to paris

Lindbergh's Flight to Paris [VHS]

We sent a small family...a man and his wife and their 6 month old baby boy....to research the story and then follow Lindbergh all the way from San Diego to Paris. Robin D. Williams just happens to be one of the top filmmakers in America, but he also is one of the most seasoned travelers in America and we knew he could pull this off. He takes us to El Cajon, California where he found Ed Morrow (no relation to Ann's family) living all by himself in a typical California house. They sat on the front porch talking about the "Lindbergh Days." From this front porch, Robin and his family take us on a fabulous journey across the United States, following Lindbergh across deserts, mountains, plains and finally to St. Louis where Lindbergh showed off the brand new plane to the financial backers at Lambert Field. Then off again to Garden City, Long Island, and the Garden City Hotel to prepare for the flight across the Atlantic....delayed for one week because of bad weather. ! From the "take off" at Roosevelt Field at 7:52 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time on the morning of May 20, 1927 we begin a terrifying flight filled with suspense. This film displays how we can pack our suitcase and follow Lindbergh all the way to Paris and discover the most beautiful and fascinating countryside that America has to offer. Lindbergh's route of travel went over the Breadbasket of America, Long Island, New York; New England, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Ireland, the Ring of Kerry, St. George's Channel, Lands End, Cornwall, Devon, the English Channel, the Normandy Invasion Beaches, and up the Seine River to gay Paree! This film is a very entertaining SHOW! And to know that a family of three, including a 6 month old baby boy, did this entire trip with ease and comfort makes it all the more viable for all of us who love the adventure and excitement of "travel."

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