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Top Flight Xl 5000 Clubs

top flight xl 5000 clubs

    top flight
  • excellent; best possible

  • Top Flight (April 15, 1929-1949) was an American U.S. Hall of Fame Thoroughbred filly racehorse. Bred in Kentucky by the very prominent horseman Harry Payne Whitney, she was a daughter of the French stakes winner Dis Donc, a son of the French Champion Sire Sardanapale.

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  • XL is a J-Pop group with three members - Onishi Terumoto (guitar and vocals), Tokunaga Akito (programming and songwriting), and noriaki (drums). The band made its debut in 29 April 1998 with the eponymous album XL.

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top flight xl 5000 clubs - Cold Steel

Cold Steel Indian War Club with Polypropylene

Cold Steel Indian War Club with Polypropylene

Our version of the Indian War Club approximately 2 ft. long and features a 3 1/4” in diameter ball. It is fitted with a removable blunt, short steel spike. Hornbeam is scarce and not readily available in commercial quantities, so our club is injection molded out of black Polypropylene which is practically unbreakable. It will never rot, crack warp, splinter, swell, shrink mildew, or fade. For historical re-enactors the surface has a realistic wood grain finish that can be easily customized with paint and can be ornamented with brass studs, tacks, or feathers.

87% (14)

JoJo Murray ~ Top Flight Band

JoJo Murray ~ Top Flight Band

It was poppin' blues guitarist JoJo Murray on the street that led to an epic turn of events that scored Viewminder a shooting position on stage with the Top Flight Band at Chicago's Blues Fest on Sunday June 12th in Grant Park on the Mississippi Front Porch stage.

JoJo was walking down the street with bassist Bob Pratt when I jumped 'em and showed him this shot.

He dug the shot and he invited me to shoot him and his band from up on stage when they played with blues diva Nellie 'Tiger' Travis.

JoJo got me through security saying 'he's with me' and later I was given press credentials because the guys with security didn't want to get in trouble...

'Where's your press pass' the security guy asked.

'I sweated it off' I replied with the only thing I could think of.

'You'll need another one' he said 'I don't wanna get in trouble.'

'I don't want you to get in trouble man' I answered sincerely 'you got another one?'

'Yeah... here' he said as he pulled a press access bracelet out of an envelope and put it on my wrist.

It was the beginning of an incredible day of up close shooting of some of the best blues musicians alive as they played on stage in front of the crowds in Grant Park.

In JoJo's hands a guitar could make sounds like I've never heard before.

The man was a true professional whose fingers danced on the frets like none I've ever seen.

A fun guy to shoot on the street, on stage JoJo was focused and displayed incredible concentration as he worked that guitar in a way that only he could.

JoJo Murray could really make an electric guitar sing the blues.

Faces on the street
Chicago 6.12.11
35mm 1.8 expo dropped contrast bopped

Top Flight Junior Golf Tour 2009

Top Flight Junior Golf Tour 2009

I know he doesn't look happy, but he was...he just didn't wan't me taking the photo. LJ got his first trophy ever in his first summer of competetive golf...3rd Place and a proud dad. His older brother finished in the top 10, but no trophy. I had the best two days ever watching them play. More photos to follow.

top flight xl 5000 clubs

top flight xl 5000 clubs

Cold Steel Gunstock War Club with 1055 Carbon and Polypropylene

Our Gunstock War Club was custom designed by blade smith Rich Mc Donald. He incorporated all the best features from our favorite clubs including the ridged centerline, a short lance point, and the classic “Fawn’s Foot” handle.To avoid the risk of cross grain breakage, we have abandoned the traditional hardwoods in favor of Polypropylene. As you may know, this material is highly resistant to shock and is practically unbreakable making it particularly suitable for use in this weapon. And as an added bonus, this material is highly resistant to the elements and won’t warp, rot, shrink crack or splinter the way wood does.

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